I have a question that is not answered here. How can i contact Online Dermatologist?

If you have a question and don’t see it answered in our FAQs, please call us at +357-22871110 or email us at online@skincy.com

Is my information private and secure on Online Skin Doctors?

At Online Skin Doctors the protection of patient data is our highest priority. For this reason, Online Doctors encrypts all data transfers with SSL/TLS and we fully comply with GDPR regulations.

Can i access Online Skin Doctors from any mobile device or smart phone?

Yes, Online Doctors is a multi-platform application. You can use it on most mobile devices, tablets, as well as computers.

Does Online Skin Doctors provide e-prescription?

From a legal point of view, it is possible to issue e-prescriptions.

How much does it cost to make an Online Dermatologist enquiry?

The one-off cost is EUR 40. The service includes an initial specialist assessment (or second opinion) within 48 hours with a recommendation for action. If the dermatologist also recommends a visit to his/her practice, the visit and the advice/treatment provided there are expressly not included in the cost of EUR 40.

Does Online Skin Doctor help obtain prior authorizations through insurance to cover the costs of prescription medicine?

Yes, Online Skin Doctors team is thoroughly trained to submit prior authorizations. If a prior authorization is needed, your pharmacy will usually notify our team and our medical assistants will submit one as soon as possible. It usually takes between 3-14 days to hear back from your insurance, and a medical assistant will reach out to you regarding the approval or denial.

What skin conditions and diseases do Online Skin doctors treat?

Online Doctors certified dermatologists are trained to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. The most common skin diseases and conditions we see patients have Acne and Acne Scars · Cold Sores · Rashes · Eczema · Psoriasis · Rosacea · Dandruff · Hair Loss · Toenail Fungus · Athlete’s Foot · Skin Aging and Wrinkles · Skin Lesions · Skin Discoloration · Eyelash Thinning · Excessive Sweating/ Hyperhidrosis · Warts · And More

Is Online Dermatologist applicable for every dermatology condition?

No. Online Skin Doctors can cover most non-emergency dermatology issues. You should not use Online Skin Doctors if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency. In the event of a medical emergency, you should visit your doctor, hospital or call us immediately. Online Skin Doctors is intended to treat a large variety of non-life threatening skin conditions. Our doctors can evaluate your skin condition remotely, provide their opinion as to the next best steps with an evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan, and if necessary will make you an appointment to visit us or refer you to a local doctor if face-to-face procedures are required as part of your treatment plan.

What is included in the cost of an Online Skin Doctor visit?

Online Doctors believes in helping patients from start to finish. This includes a thorough examination, yielding one or more diagnoses, a detailed explanation of your diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to you.

How will i be charge for Online Skin Doctor services?

For any cash/self pay patients, once you select your pricing option you will be charged in full up-front for your visit, before a SkyMD doctor is assigned to you. If you have an accepted insurance, you will be prompted to pay your co-pay, if your insurance plan has one, prior to submitting your visit. After the visit is submitted, we will bill your insurance. Depending on your insurance plan’s deductible, out-of-pocket maximum, and co-insurance, you will receive a bill for any remaining cost of the visit. The amount of the bill depends on how much your insurance is willing to cover.

What if don’t have medical insurance or an accepted medical plan?

If you do not have insurance, Online Skin Doctors works with cash paying patients, This includes a diagnosis, a detailed treatment plan, any necessary prescriptions, and unlimited messaging for follow-up questions to your doctor for 7 days. Online Skin Doctors accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Does Online Skin Doctors accept medical insurance?

Yes, Online Doctors accepts most major insurance in Cyprus, however The Online Doctors service is a self-payer service and will be reimbursed ones you submit your insurance claim to your insurance company.

How do i sign-up or register on Online Skin Doctor to start a medical visit?

You can sign up on SkyMD by using one of the following methods. Click the SEE A DOCTOR button in the upper right corner at the top of this page. You can also download our mobile app, which is available on iTunes and Google Play stores. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please contact us at 858-900-2766. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of registration.

What if Online Dermatologist cannot treat my condition?

Bottom line: We won’t give up on you, and will refer you to one of our partner dermatologists. SkyMD dermatologists are board certified and are able to evaluate any skin disease or condition, however some skin diseases require an in-person consultation. Telemedicine is still a great way to start the medical evaluation process, though. At SkyMD, we strive to provide the continuity of care sometimes needed for the patient and will refer you to a local clinic, if we feel that is best for you. In particular, if one of our doctors observes something in your visit that needs to be treated in-person, such as a suspicious mole needing a biopsy, or a wart needing to be frozen off, or some similar dermatology procedure, we will help you find a local clinic or doctor that can better assist you. Our doctors are surrounded by a fantastic support staff of medical assistants that can coordinate with one of our clinic partners to get you scheduled with an in-clinic dermatologist that can continue your care.

Is a video conference ever required with the doctor?

Generally, you do not need to schedule a video call with your dermatologist to complete the evaluation. A video is useful with more complex cases, and we do require a video conference to consult about prescription side effects, like those possible when prescribing Accutane for acne.

How long does it take to receive a response after i submit a medical visit?

We respond as quickly as we can We aim to respond to all new patient cases in less than a few hours. Once we respond, we will most likely have questions for you, so be ready for those. Online Doctors are thorough! Make sure your phone notifications are turned on and active and that you are checking for emails from us. After we ask and answer questions, both ours and yours, most cases are completed in under 24 hours, depending on the complexity of the case. If a case is more complex, it may take longer than 24 hours to be completed, due to the amount of detail the dermatologist will require, and provide.

What is Online Skin Doctors?

Online Skin Doctor provides a newer way to see a doctor, called telemedicine, where the patient can stay home and interact with their doctor through a mobile app or website. Specifically, we are a medical group of dermatologists (skin doctors), that evaluate, diagnose, and treat skin diseases found on patients. Our group of doctors is accessible from your home, work or anywhere you choose 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Board certified dermatologists treat any non-emergency dermatology condition, and you should always drive to an urgent care or emergency room (ER) if you feel you are experiencing a medical emergency. Our doctors evaluate your skin condition, diagnose your symptoms, create a treatment plan specific to you, and may prescribe medications to the pharmacy of your choice. We follow our patients through the treatment plan and consider you a long term patient of our national group practice.

Are Online Skin Doctors as good as in office Doctors?

Short answer? Yes! They are the same people, in fact. All dermatologists are certified to practice medicine. Practicing medicine through the internet is exactly the same as practicing medicine face-to-face. Telemedicine also allows our dermatologists to reach patients in more remote areas or see people who are too busy to come into our clinic.

How does an online visit work?

Our platform works by uploading photos of your skin condition. Online Skin Doctors dermatologists will evaluate your skin condition by reviewing your photos and medical history. To start a new visit, take a photo of your skin condition and upload it. Then, let your physician know some basic information, such as how long your skin condition has persisted or if you are using any medication to treat it. After that, just sit back and wait for your dermatologist to contact you regarding your evaluation and treatment plan. You will be able to chat back and forth with your dermatologist.

When can i being using Online Dermatologist services?

You can start using Online Skin Doctors immediately! The first step is to register a new account, which is completely free. Then, start a new patient case or visit, like a regular doctor’s appointment, but without the wait! If you are required to pay, you will only be asked for your credit card information when you visit with one of our dermatologists. Important Tip: Make sure to fill out your medical history profile to better prepare Online Skin Doctors dermatologists.

Where is Online Skin Doctor available?

Online Skin Doctor services are available to patients located in Cyprus! We are working very hard to provide access to the whole population in Cyprus, as quickly as we can!

What are Online Skin Doctors hours of operation or support?

SkyMD is available all the time! You can submit a visit on SkyMD 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and even on holidays. Use SkyMD anytime you have a non-medical emergency skin disease or condition. In the event of an emergency, you should always call 911 immediately.

Who can use Online Skin Doctor?

Online Skin Doctor welcomes all patients in Cyprus! Our service is especially convenient for patients with a busy schedule or those who have difficulty scheduling an appointment with their dermatologists. We also work with lots of patients who have disabilities that make it difficult for them to visit their dermatologist in person.

Can minors (kids, children, babies) use Online Skin Doctor?

Online Skin Doctor are board-certified dermatologists who can see patients of all ages! For minors, a parent or guardian must first register on our platform, complete the necessary information and get back our evaluation.